Reconsidering Democracy and the Nation State in a Global Perspective (14 – 16 January 2016, Leiden) Call for Papers

CaptureThis conference will investigate the multifaceted relationship between democracy and the nation-state, not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world. Separate workshops will address this topic from different angles, ranging from the ‘nationalization of the (mainly European) masses’ (George Mosse) at the end of the nineteenth century to forms of the national state in postcolonial Africa; from the promise of democratic perpetual peace and pursuing democratic rights at the supranational level to populist and nationalist distrust of ‘democratic oligarchy’ and to the challenges democracy faces when the monopoly of legitimate force of the nation-state is threatened. The conference will try to answer the question whether the age-old relationship between democracy and the nation-state is entering a new phase.

The conference program consists of two plenary keynote lectures and paper presentations during workshop sessions (circa 10 persons per session). Presenters of accepted papers are asked to speak 15 minutes, followed by a discussion under the supervision of a session chair.

Please send your application before 1 July 2015 to

Applications should include:
– Title of proposed paper
– Title of the abovementioned theme of your choice
– Abstract (maximum 500 words)
– Biographical information (short CV)
– Contact information (email, telephone and postal address)

Notification of Acceptance
The organizing committee and panel coordinators will make a selection. You will be notified if your paper proposal is accepted by September 2015. The conference fee is € 50,00. This fee covers drinks and meals. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.

Conference website:

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