War & Fatherland. Nations, Identities and the First World War (14-15 October, Brussels) International Conference

‘War and Fatherland’ deals with the impact of the Great War on nations and nationalism. Keynotes, speakers and debaters will tackles issues as diverse as the formation of collective identities, shifting loyalties among different social and ethnic groups, minorities, the confrontation with the other, the impact of propaganda and mechanisms of self-mobilization. Six thematic sessions are each chaired by two leading Belgian historians. The last session ends with a panel reflection on current Belgian WW I historiography in an international perspective. Each session is opened by an internationally renowned keynote speaker.

Thematic Sessions (14-15 October 2015)
Session 1 – The Fatherland of the Other – Chairs: Pieter Lagrou (ULB) and Laurence Van Ypersele (UCL)
Session 2 – Cosmopolitan Identities – Chairs : Christophe Verbruggen (UGent) and  Geneviève Warland
Session 3 – The Limits of Nationalization – Chairs: Maarten Van Ginderachter (UA) and Emmanuel Debruyne (UCL) MaartenVan Ginderachter (UAntwerpen)
Session 4 – Minorities at/in War – Chairs: Christoph Brüll and Martin Kohlrausch
Session 5 – Town and Nation – Chairs: Toon Vrints (UGent) and Benoît Majérus
Session 6 – Global Flows, National Interests (of: International Science and Business Elites) –  Peter Scholliers (VUB) and Kenneth Bertrams (ULB)
Session 7 – Belgian and International Research Agendas – with a panel reflection chaired by Chantal Kesteloot (CegeSoma)

Keynote Speakers (in session order)
JOHN HORNE (Director of the Centre for War Studies, Trinity College Dublin) DANIEL LAQUA (Department of Humanities, Northumbria University) JOHN BREUILLY (London School of Economics and Political Science) PETER GATRELL (Department of History,University of Manchester) ÉLISE JULIEN (Institut d’Etudes politiques de Lille) DAVID EDGERTON (King’s College London) SOPHIE DE SCHAEPDRIJVER (Penn State University, US)

Practical info & Registration

War&Fatherland takes place at the Egmont Palace in Brussels. Registration is mandatory, using the ‘Register’ tab at the official website.

War and Fatherland is supported by Belgian universities, FWO and FNRS, the MEMEX-WWI and Great War from Below research groups (BRAIN-Belspo) and coordinated by the Centre for War and Contemporary Society (CegeSoma).

For the full programme and all updates, please visit the website.

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