Bodies Beyond Borders. The Circulation of Anatomical Knowledge, 1750-1950 (7-9 January 2015, KU Leuven) Conference Report

From 7-9 January 2015 a conference on the history of anatomy was held in Leuven, Belgium. Bodies Beyond Borders was hosted by the Research Group Cultural History since 1750 (KU Leuven) and is a result of the ongoing research project Anatomy, Scientific Authority and the Visualized Body in Medicine and Culture (Belgium, 1780-1930). In the project, the history of anatomy in Belgium and the Belgian Congo are studied with a stress on the way anatomical knowledge and meaning circulated between different spheres. Circulation of knowledge was also the vantage point for the conference that welcomed over twenty presenters and around fifty participants from all over the globe.

Anyone interested can find the conference report here: Congresverslag_Bodies Beyond Borders_Leuven

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